Human Rights Commissioner of BC

The BC Office of the Human Rights Commissioner (OHRC) is a brand-new organization formed in the wake of British Columbia’s newly appointed Human Rights Commissioner Kasari Govender in September 2019. As such, the OHRC needed to have the new organization’s brand identity, various branded materials, and a website completed within a tight timeline. KIMBO was brought on for our fast-tracked provision of creative services, where we completed all the deliverables within the span of a mere few weeks.

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What We Delivered:

  • Brand Identity Development
  • Custom WordPress Website Development
  • UX & Content Strategy


  • Graphic Design
  • Branded Collateral
  • Branded Social Media Materials

The Challenge:

KIMBO’s goal is to create a visual brand identity for the OHRC that is aligned with the general design philosophy of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The brand aims to maintain a sense of continuity with the national body of human rights advocacy while remaining distinctively representative of the province of British Columbia. As the OHRC’s project vision for its brand logo includes the utilization of human figures, it was imperative that our concepts also be abstract enough so that the OHRC brand does not exclude, offend nor evoke negative reactions from certain race or gender groups so that the organization can best serve the community. The implemented logo must therefore be visually engaging and impartially representative of the general public that the OHRC intends to serve, especially those who are the most marginalized in society.

In addition to the visual brand identity and branded collaterals such as letterhead and business cards. KIMBO was also brought on board for developing a prototype concept that the OHRC came up with into a fully functional and accessible website towards the end of this project (which itself serves as phase one of the OHRC’s larger brand/web development initiative).

Office of the Human Rights Commissioner identity

The new BC Office of the Human Rights Commissioner identity.

Office of the Human Rights Commissioner business cards

Office of the Human Rights Commissioner business cards.

Thank you for launching our website on such short notice and for updating the site as we needed. We have heard many wonderful compliments about the look, navigation and content.
Lynnette Kissoon
Acting Manager of Education

The Strategy:

We used vibrant colours that were representative of the province of British Columbia in the OHRC’s new brand identity. Namely, a combination of yellow, blue, teal, and green. Some of the most iconic colours of B.C. both in terms of the provinces’ brand itself and in terms of the beautiful regions’ abundance of nature and greenery. The overall shape of the icon derives from an abstract representation of a non-race/gender specific person to remain aligned with project vision; with the person’s head in yellow to symbolize both the golden half-sun of the British Columbian flag, as well as a sense of hope/positivity that is represented by the sun itself.

The new OHRC website utilizes a user-friendly WordPress CMS that was custom developed by KIMBO and is responsive for viewing on mobile devices. Our website took inspiration from the modern and minimalist-inspired look of the brand identity we developed for the OHRC. It also made use of a combination of OHRC and the province of British Columbia’s brand colours to emphasize the organizations’ ties with the communities that it serves. It is a fully accessible website with features such as a language translation tool and font size adjustor built-in to ensure that individuals from a wide range of backgrounds can access the website in the absence of any language, cultural, or physical barriers.



The OHRC project team was highly satisfied with the website, brand identity, and corresponding branded materials that we developed for the project. Our fast turnaround time made it possible for the OHRC to begin its operations at the day of the new Human Rights Commissioner Kasari Govender’s appointment (especially on the web development portion of the project, where initial engagement to completion took place over the span of one long weekend).

This was only the first phase of our collaborative relationship with the OHRC as we continue to work with the OHRC in the further development of its brand identity and improvements for the newly created website in the near future.

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