Why 2020 is the perfect time for you to work on your website

According to a survey by Blue Fountain Media, a staggering 81% of web users think less of a brand if their website is not up to date, and 39% would think twice about using a product or service if the respective website is not user friendly and current. Here is why now is the perfect time to work on your website and modernize your digital presence.

Behavioural change

First, to address the elephant in the room. With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting physical interactions and real-life engagement opportunities around the world. There’s been a general behavioural change in societies worldwide that saw people relying more on the internet to stay connected, especially for those working from home. Thus, having a strong online presence is becoming more important than ever in 2020. After all, a website often accounts for the first interaction anyone has with a company these days, even more so when real life interactions are limited.

Digital transformation

If you own/work for a business that has been considering a complete overhaul to your digital infrastructure, now is the perfect time to do so. With in-person engagement and face-to-face interactions currently at an all-time low, time and resources previously dedicated to these activities can now be diverted towards modernizing your company on the digital front. Keep in mind, your website is an extension of your brand in the online space. So it should always reflect your corporate identity just the same way a piece of physical brand collateral would, and be effective in both style and user functionalities.

Don’t get left behind

With the aforementioned behavioural changes happening around the world; the COVID-19 pandemic is acting as a catalyst for this transformation, pushing many previously more “traditional” companies to go above and beyond in the digital space so that they can get ahead of their competitors. With this extra push that is forcing many companies into undertaking a transition in a short few months, which could’ve taken years under normal circumstances. Having a strong digital presence and website is now becoming a matter of now or never, revolutionize or be left behind in an increasingly online-focused world.


Every cloud has a silver lining. 2020 has been the face of making changes. That change may have affected your business, but it also extends to your competitors. Now is the time to better equip yourself and take advantage of the uncertainty that’s floating in the air. So that your business can come back out of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever before.