Our Approach

We implement sustainable design and business practices.

KIMBO Design is a leader in sustainable thinking and business practices. We recognize that doing things green is no longer optional: it’s a necessity. Through the incorporation of sustainable ideas and practices into every element of our working environment, whether in our designs, workplace, or the lives of our employees, we produce work that minimizes environmental impact throughout its life cycle.

This collective spirit crosses over into our creative process, where collaboration is encouraged, and the in-house retention of employees with valuable skills and abilities is preferred to outsourcing.

Our approach to sustainable graphic design

When a client engages us in a marketing or creative project, one of our first steps is to brainstorm ideas about how to reduce materials for production. Whether it is packaging, printed materials, or publications, we produce design that decreases environmental impact throughout your project’s life cycle.

We recommend green printing for our clients

With each and every one of our clients, KIMBO’s focus is to create a positive impact on the environment. Sustainable design and green printing are standard practice for us.

While conventional printing is harmful to the environment, green printing uses post-consumer recycled (PCR) paper and other sustainable fibre alternatives, and low-VOC inks, vegetable-based inks or soy inks. Green printing facilities employ various methods to clean up their carbon footprint, such as buying verifiable emissions reductions (VERs) and using environmentally friendly cleanup methods.

We demonstrate workplace sustainability

In addition to our commitment to sustainable design, KIMBO Design demonstrates HR and workplace sustainability initiatives. We hold high HR standards. The collective spirit of collaboration in the office encourages employee retention. We don’t rely on outsourcing, preferring instead to retain the valuable skills and abilities of our dedicated team members.

KIMBO Design continually implements many green office strategies that align with our sustainability values. Our office features many resource and energy-saving elements, such as high-efficiency light bulbs, recycled paper and office supplies. As a testament to our dedication, we successfully completed the David Suzuki at Work Ambassador Program.

We understand creative excellence

At KIMBO, we find that creative excellence occurs at the intersection of insight, talent, and technology. Our open office environment and collaborative atmosphere means that ideas come from team members of all backgrounds and disciplines, and since we leave our egos at home, ideas get judged on their merit, not by who came up with them. This brainstorm-oriented culture means we explore many avenues when creating a design solution, from the conventional to the experimental. This creative spectrum allows us to best match our solution to the client’s needs, desires, and expectations.

We know that even the best ideas will be inconsequential unless they are executed properly, so we make it a priority to be aware of cutting edge technologies, and adept at using them to implement our creative ideas. As the world becomes increasingly digital, it has become imperative to understand the potential that each successive program or software update provides to designers and programmers. At KIMBO, we make a point of being maximally informed on the available technology, so that our talented team can thrive, and our creative ideas can be brought vividly to life. It is in this space, that we find creative excellence.