We craft brands with your marketing goals in mind.

KIMBO Design understands that your brand is your company’s personality, so we work with you to build a unique, consistent, authentic brand identity. Your customers need a good reason to do business with you. This is where we excel.

Brand Audit

Analyzing Your Current Brand

The first step in working with KIMBO on a branding project is a Brand Audit. We immerse ourselves in your brand, to understand how your organization is perceived, and develop a vision for the future. Our brand audits include a review of your current brand assets and industry competition, an overall evaluation of your company activities and plans, stakeholder interviews, and a presentation of our findings accompanied by a comprehensive report. This process will help outline your visual identity and strategic messaging, before we further develop the branding.

See our Brand Audit work with Vision Vancouver here.

Brand Strategy

A Framework For the Future

Strategy is the roadmap to excellent and sustained brand success, and at the core of any successful strategy is a story. Brands speak to people, delivering your organization’s message in a visual, emotional, or intellectual way, so it is important to strictly define your story. Our team of creative strategists, led by Creative Director Kim Pickett, understand how to develop interesting and engaging narratives, which breathe life into our designs. We include our clients in the creative process, so that our strategic messaging always aligns with their desires.

See our Brand Strategy work for our Move Up Prince George project here.


An Identity Change

A good name instantly legitimizes your business. It informs and engages your target audience, sparks conversations in industry circles, and spearheads your reputation. We understand that our clients want a name with both uniqueness and familiarity, something fresh yet comfortable. With this in mind, we initiate a thorough brainstorming process, unleashing our creative tendencies and branding acumen in order to discover your perfect name. This is a finicky and unpredictable process, so KIMBO understands the importance of patience and persistence until our clients are fully satisfied with their new name.

See our Naming work with Ornative Tableware here.

Logo Design

The Face of the Brand

Logo design is one of the most important, and competitive, parts of the branding process. Due to this competition, many companies choose to outsource logo design to countries with cheaper labour, where dozens of designers create designs with pay promised only to the designer whose logo is selected. KIMBO abhors this process. All of our logo designs are done in-house, by designers with university training and GDC-certification, who are well-versed in the latest graphic design programs. Additionally, since our logo designs are just one aspect of our branding process, they will mesh perfectly with the rest of your corporate identity.

See our Logo Design work with the International AIDS Society here. 

Brand Launch

Celebrating Your New Brand 

At the conclusion of a branding project, the worst thing you can do is simply move on with your business. You have just created something exciting, and leveraging this excitement is crucial to the success of your new brand. KIMBO understands the importance of a brand launch, because unveiling the brand to stakeholders helps them build a connection with it, and feel ownership of it. By making the brand launch a fun, celebratory event, KIMBO Design will help to propel your organization forward, into a new chapter, with a new identity to rally behind.