Web Design

We build websites that execute your business vision.

KIMBO Design understands the crucial role of your website, so we create intuitive, accessible, custom WordPress sites. A strong web presence is necessary for any successful business, and KIMBO excels whether building a site from scratch or redesigning your old site.

Website Audit & Strategy

Crafting Your Web Presence

Before any web design project, we will diligently deconstruct the performance of your old site, so that we are able to retain any features that were working for your previous users, change anything that was hindering your performance, and create a strategic vision for the growth of your site. With a team of seasoned programmers and digital strategists, KIMBO ensures that your new site is equipped with the latest features, follows the latest functionality trends, and serves the exact purpose you need. The most important part of any one of our web design project is that you take pride in the results, and this is always at the forefront of the online strategies we create.

See our Website Audit & Strategy work for our Imagine Kootenay project here. 

WordPress Development

Digital Construction

Every KIMBO Design website is a custom WordPress production. Our programming team will expertly combine plugins from the 45,000+ in the WordPress library to provide the specific functionality our clients desire. We integrate social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) into your site, helping to create a network of your online assets. Another area of importance for any modern site is its ability to be accessed from different devices. As experts in responsive web design, we ensure that all of our websites our optimized to fit all screen sizes. We never use templates for any project; all of our sites start as a blank canvas. Your website is guaranteed to be uniquely designed for your audience.

See our WordPress Development work with our Move Up Prince George project here. 

UX Design

Ease of Access and Navigation

Our designers and programmers collaborate on every KIMBO website to ensure that considerations of user experience are woven into the site’s structure. Regardless of whether your new site is vast or only a few pages, we strive towards the fundamental goal of navigation: fewer clicks for users, through better presentation. By guiding site users to where they want to go, in less time and fewer clicks, it is more likely that they will engage further with your business. We also practice what we preach in terms of accessibility. Our sites incorporate features that allow users to adapt the site to their specific needs, such as tools to enlarge text and make the site more readable.

See our UX Design work with the Immigrant Employment Council of BC here.

Web Security

Protect Yourself 

KIMBO Design understands that the absolute most important thing for any website is its safety. With this in mind, we go to great lengths in order to protect your new site from intruders. Using the WordPress CMS for all KIMBO web design projects means that security is only limited by the skill and ingenuity of our programming team. We couldn’t be more comfortable with this, as our team always takes progressive and thoughtful measures to proactively secure your site. Whether through disguising your site’s source code or blocking back end access by any unauthorized party, the backbone of any KIMBO website is a comprehensive security arrangement that you can have total faith in.

NationBuilder Expertise

Specialized Websites For Politicians and Causes 

While most of the websites that we create use the WordPress CMS, we are also skilled at the development and customization of websites using NationBuilder. NationBuilder is a particularly popular CMS for politicians and charitable causes, thanks to its built-in payment gateway, which makes fundraising easier than ever. NationBuilder’s rising popularity also stems from the fact that the CMS comes integrated with features that are increasingly important for modern websites, like social media and customer relationship management (CRM) functionalities. Whether you’re running for office, or championing a cause, a NationBuilder website is a great way to track and reach your fundraising goals.

Back End Usability

Seamless Site Maintenance

A good website is not a static entity, so being able to easily add, change and maintain your content is essential. The back-end of a KIMBO website has options for both HTML and WYSIWYG content entry. Thanks to our WordPress customization, this flexibility means that adding content and creating web pages is as simple as typing in a Word document. This feature allows anyone in your organization to maintain the website, even if they have no coding knowledge. Through mindful programming on our end, we eliminate the need for your web coordinator to be a computer engineer.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting Discovered 

Like a new car or pair of shoes, once your new site is complete, you’re going to want to show it off. Being easily discoverable is key for any site in the search engine age, and KIMBO prioritizes SEO on our site design projects. We understand the intricacies of what search engines value, and will help to apply this knowledge to your site’s content strategy. With SEO drawing people to your site and UX Design leading them where they want to go, KIMBO websites reduce all barriers to engagement. SEO is also a way for us to ensure high visibility for our design work, so our incentives are directly aligned with those of our clients.