Traditional Marketing

We create fresh campaigns that engage and inform people.

KIMBO Design understands that, even as digital marketing becomes more prevalent, a traditional campaign still carries caché and high levels of visibility. Our campaigns are all about winning ideas, making them memorable and engaging.

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Traditional Marketing
Digital Marketing

Campaign Strategy

Master Planning

KIMBO has been producing award-winning advertising campaigns for over 15 years. Our expertise and creative spirit drive the strategic ingenuity behind every one of our client campaigns. Through work on a vast array of projects with clients in numerous industries, KIMBO has developed a thorough and rigorous creative process, which keeps campaign progress moving, while also allowing creativity to flourish. We excel at finding a unique approach for your campaign, with messaging and visual elements designed to complement one another, and support your brand.

See our Campaign Strategy work for our Move Up Prince George project here. 

Campaign Execution

Vision to Reality

Successful planning is key to pushing your campaign in the right direction, but it is useless if your plans aren’t brought to fruition. The KIMBO graphic design team is made up of skilled and motivated creatives, who love nothing more than seeing their work printed and displayed around the city, the province, and the country. As design shifts towards digital mediums, print pieces are becoming increasingly rare. At KIMBO, we recognize the impact that tangible print pieces can have on your target audience. By executing our uniquely crafted strategies with expert technical design skills, KIMBO produces the results-driven creative that is the background of our agency.

See our Campaign Execution Work for our Imagine Kootenay project here. 

Packaging Design

Creative On the Shelf

Packaging is a product’s frame. It accents the features, sets the atmosphere of the brand, and draws the eyes of your customers. Having distinctly creative packaging improves the visibility of your product, separating it from the crowd. The KIMBO team is excellent at creating sharp, clean, modern packaging, which faithfully represents your brand’s message and vision. Our award-winning packaging projects perform the exact function packing should: an extension on your product that aligns with the sensibilities of your consumer base. With expert creative direction and talented designers, you can rest assured that the makeover your packaging receives will represent everything your company stands for, while also being visually brilliant.

See our Packaging work for McKenzie’s Honey here. 

Project Management

The Backbone of Success

Behind our creative team is a refined and effective project management process. As a boutique agency, keeping all of our projects in order is a collective responsibility and a daily process. Because of this necessity, the KIMBO team is composed of people comfortable in many roles, wearing many hats, and handling many projects simultaneously. We thrive under the pressure of a packed schedule and tight deadlines because of our organization, and this is especially important during print projects. Coordinating our design team, the client, and the printer is key for project success, so we ensure that open lines of honest communication are established immediately once the project begins. It is components like our communication policy that keep our projects on schedule and on budget.

See our Project Management work for Cystic Fibrosis Canada here.