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Regional District of Mackenzie

Economic Development in Mackenzie BC

The Regional District of Mackenzie approach KIMBO Design to create and implement an economic development strategy. This involved creating a variety of marketing materials to highlight and promote the economic development opportunities in the area, as well as showcase a new and refreshed brand.

Cover of Regional District of Mackenzie's Investment Profile.


What We Delivered:

  • Print layout design
  • Brand refresh implementation
  • Brochure design


  • Copywriting
  • Document pagination and structuring
  • Video art direction

The Strategy

KIMBO began this project with an in-person visit to Mackenzie BC to gain an authentic understanding of the community and identify its strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities when it came to economic development. We then conducted a thorough audit of Mackenzie’s current materials, which included the website, brand guides, videos, and various marketing materials. This process helped shape our approach to the project and allowed us to hone in on what current and future opportunities were not being featured.

From there, we stripped down all materials and distilled content to communicate most effectively. Mackenzie’s refreshed brand was applied and given its own KIMBO spin on all materials created. Large, local photography was used throughout materials to inspire and capture the true essence of Mackenzie.


District of Mackenzie Community Profile Inside Spread

Investment Profile – Quality of Life inside spread.

District of Mackenzie Inside Spread closeup

Investment Profile – Workforce inside spread.

District of Mackenzie Inside Spread of Map

Investment Profile – Transportation inside spread.

District of Mackenzie Property Info Sheets

Property Investment Sheets.

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