Revitalize Brand with Milestones and Company’s Anniversaries

It is, nevertheless, powerful to remember your organization’s significant history. Every business grows in its unique manner, and commemorating the company’s anniversaries is a fantastic chance to look back on the events that formed it. Leveraging this celebration and promoting it on social media will further strengthen and solidify the companies brand presence.

Leverage the celebration as a marketing tool

Promoting such a milestone may help you boost knowledge about your company while also strengthening ties with current clients and partners. Social media provides a free platform for story-gathering as well as an efficient tool to advertise your brand prior to, during, and after the anniversary. You may take it one step further and go through a brand refresh. For Twitter’s 10th and Nestle’s 150th anniversaries, they have decided to commemorate with a wide set of strategies, including videos, microsites, and new logos. Even if a large-scale campaign is out of the question, an anniversary logo coupled with a landing page on your website that highlights your company’s history can be powerful. Regardless of your budget or obligations, don’t pass up the chance to brand and promote your company’s anniversary milestone.

Commemorate achievements and reflect on challenges

The longevity and success of a business are a tribute to competent management, great products, and excellent service. It is key to highlight the company’s accomplishments as well as the first challenges and the necessity of being able to keep your ground on this occasion. “Throughout a sustainable brand’s history,” as mentioned in Forbes, “the brand’s promises have always been clear in terms of what is celebrated and what is valued.” These reflective insights can help plan a new route for the future or serve as a springboard for establishing a new strategic direction, an enhanced culture or image, or a product / service.

Recognize the team and clients that made the success possible

Celebrating work anniversaries reminds your employees that you respect them as much today as you did when they first started and that the company’s success is a shared success amongst everyone in the organization. Patrons who have supported you throughout the years and continue to support your business are the most essential audience for your campaign. You should not only inform them about your celebration but also include them into it.

KIMBO celebrates too!

KIMBO Design incorporates this idea for our employees every birthday and work anniversary! Check out our Instagram to see the wonderful faces of our hardworking employees. This year, we also celebrated KIMBO Design’s 20th anniversary in this social media post here.

Connect with us and together we can strengthen your company’s brand and image through proven strategies and result-focused marketing methods for your corporate anniversary.