UX/UI Design Trends of 2019

Animations & Liquid Graphics

Designs are becoming more digitized, and designers and artists following these trends bring complex forms of color to the real world. And liquid, holographic, chromatic forms, and glitters are everywhere, including the UI design. It concerns not only graphics but also typography.

Among everything, new browser capabilities opened the door for animation. Not just as the motion of elements, but a legit design opportunity. The discipline known as motion design involves a lot of design aspects but intersects with psychology and biology. Complexity replaces fad as the main characteristic feature of animation in design. Motion and transitions convey a lot of information that otherwise would be lost.

Skeleton Load Screens

This method makes users think that your website is fast. While your website is loading skeleton screens give the user a feeling of smooth progress, fluency and speed. A good example of this is the new YouTube skeleton load screen.

3D Interfaces

3D rendering and CG augmentation of real footage and imagery have been around for some time. For the sake of speed and performance, and also accessibility, designers have a history of avoiding complex 3D models in UIs. Better browsers turned this luxury into an affordable feature. Highly Complex VFX or Visual Effects take movie-like scenes into the realm of websites.

This trend will be specifically useful for product companies with complex processes that are not very visual. By using the 3D visualization, you can tap into any technological process and create a deeper level of understanding.

Vibrant Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations with bold, vibrant colors and funny stylized people are coming back in 2019 and become the main trend of the year. Today companies take more advantage of custom illustrations. Using custom illustrations, the company demonstrates the uniqueness of the values of their brand. This approach in design helps businesses get closer to their customers by making their experience with a brand more personalized. The most popular directions are illustrations with simple shapes and isometric forms.

Dark Themes

The dark themes started to gain mainstream popularity shortly after the release of the macOS Mojave update in 2018. Dark themes most notably attract power-users and a number of world-renowned companies have released software updates with dark themes.