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COVID-19 Awareness Training & Quiz

AFDE asked KIMBO to assist them in presenting its employees with online COVID-19 training materials and a subsequent quiz to assess their knowledge. Employers must be alerted if workers fail to demonstrate appropriate comprehension of COVID-19 safety and protocol.


What We Delivered:

  • Custom Programming
  • Custom Notifications


  • Online Materials
  • Graded Quiz

The Strategy:

Information for the COVID-19 awareness presentation was provided using slides with visual and text examples to encourage staff engagement with the materials. Each slide has a timer to ensure that employees read it before moving on to the next slide.

We set up a custom alert for the quiz for employers to stay updated on the results. There would be separate warnings for succeeding and failing the quiz. In the event of a failure, businesses can talk with their employees and address their concerns about COVID-19.

COVID-19 Awareness Presentation Slide


COVID-19 Awareness Online Quiz


Presentation Slide with Timer



The KIMBO team customized WordPress functionality to provide the customer with a visually appealing presentation and an online quiz system that examines workers’ knowledge of COVID-19.

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