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Cornice Environmental Consulting

As our team at KIMBO Design is a champion for sustainability, we were excited to work with Cornice Environmental Consulting Ltd. They are heroes in our eyes, innovators who advise communities on stewarding our environment:one of the most important jobs on the planet. Cornice wanted to validate their credibility through its online presence, so they reached out to us for new creative, and a website with contest capability. They were looking for their site to act as an ambassador to engage existing clients, reach new ones, and also catch the eye of potential employees.

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What We Delivered:

  • Custom WordPress Website
  • Online Photo Contest
  • Photo Contest Strategy


  • Website Strategy
  • Wordpress Maintenance
  • Website Analytics Setup

The Challenge:

Many of KIMBO Design’s clients come to us as experts in their own industries and look to us as professionals of technology and design. However, the technology and design process often intimidate our clients. They’re sometimes hesitant to ask questions, or simply don’t know the questions to ask. We learned that, when working with clients who aren’t tech-savvy, we must ask a question in a number of ways, to make sure that our clients completely understand, and so we completely understand what they want/need. We know how important it is to support them throughout the process of working with an agency team.

During the start-up phases of our company, we placed a high priority on offering a well-designed and functional, yet unique and eye catching, website. We approached KIMBO as their knowledge and technical ability to create visually striking and engaging websites was evident. This expertise translated to a product that distinctly showcases our company, while providing a technically-enhanced user experience.
Jim Trask & Robyn Black
President & Senior Project Planner

The Strategy:

With clean design and easy navigation in mind, we used a colour palette of turquoise blue, azure blue, and cadmium yellow, to reflect the British Columbia landscape.

To encourage public interaction and repeat visits, we created a calendar contest with a custom built plugin. Cornice has an enormous image bank of gorgeous pictures of British Columbia’s landscape, flora, and fauna. We used Cornice’s images to create a contest where the highest voted images are chosen for their annual calendar. Social media links were integrated into the website as well, to share blog posts, eco facts, and inviting followers to participate in each year’s calendar contest.


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