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District of Squamish

Project Overview

From outdoor apparel manufacturers to mountain bike tour operators, Squamish businesses thrive by aligning their values with those of the community. This alignment creates a strong business ecosystem and circular economy. Business owners enjoy a close-knit community that supports their success, while employees and families can take advantage of the incredible outdoor lifestyle that this town has to offer. As a result, KIMBO and the District of Squamish Economic Development team created a website that told the story of ‘lifestyle.’

Duration: 1 year project

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What We Delivered:

  • Video Script Writing/Art Direction
  • Creative Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Stakeholder Engagement


  • Custom Silverstripe Website
  • SEO Strategy and Implementation
  • 3 Videos for their Economic Development Strategy

The Strategy

Our approach was not to only present the Squamish community positively. But to align the targeted audience with what the region has to offer. This is to say, instead of merely targeting the audience with more arbitrary criteria such as geographic location and hoping that the region’s unique advantages resonate with them. We aim to first establish what Squamish’s unique advantages are, then seek out the appropriate audiences that can benefit from these advantages.

KIMBO Design – District of Squamish Website Redesign from KIMBO Design on Vimeo.

KIMBO designed a modern, clean, and minimalist visual style that is visually engaging and professional. This visual style will provide an authentic look in line with the District of Squamish’s strategic vision. The primary focus of the website is to funnel strategic investment and new businesses opportunities, from within local priority sectors, through the website, by providing both inspiration and the information required along each stage of the decision-making process, and in a largely self-sufficient way. This process involved customized programming of the website’s front and backend to ensure that it is intuitive to use and features a content management procedure that allows various staff members and stakeholders to create and manage website content with no coding knowledge.

We’ve also linked the District’s various social media channels to the website by displaying their Instagram feed directly on the homepage. This allows the website to always update itself automatically with Squamish’s new posts and keeping things fresh.

KIMBO is an expert in the art of storytelling and has given artistic direction to 3 videos for District Squamish productions. They say the best stories are those where you get to know someone on an intimate level. And it’s true – we always feel more connected when they’re talking in their voice; so our filming style was interview-based because the first-person perspective gives better insight than the third! The B-roll visuals help create a sense of place while also being informative enough for audiences’ needs: following these guidelines creates videos that ARE entertaining as well educational.

Gregor Robertson – District of Squamish – Economic Development Video

Quantum Technology – District of Squamish – Green Technology

Leigh Joseph – District of Squamish – Indigenous Skincare

Green Economy and Outdoor Recreation Pages

District of Squamish – Infographic Portfolio

District of Squamish – Infographic Portfolio Cover




The District of Squamish now has a website that is responsive (optimized for mobile), supports all modern web browsers, and utilizes the Silverstripe CMS. The District’s new online presence will garner accolades and attention from newcomers and the community alike, be easy for staff to maintain, and functional for prospective businesses, residents, and visitors. Additionally, we were able to deliver videos that accurately and energetically supported the values and opportunities represented in the District of Squamish. The video production aided in the promotion and enhancement of the entire campaign for the Squamish economic development strategy.

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