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Envision Financial

Envision Financial expressed a desire to appeal to college students. With the ‘Fiddy Bucks’ campaign, they wished to represent themselves as approachable for young people, and to avoid the traditional image of a staid financial institution.


What We Delivered:

  • Print Design
  • Merchandise and 'Swag'


  • Branding
  • Campaign

The Challenge

A unique solution was required to not only get the attention of the average college student, but also to develop a sense of familiarity and trust. As the sign-up drive was to be a live event, with a coinciding online presence, KIMBO needed to dynamically grab and retain the attention of these students.


Our Strategy

To avoid the traditional bank imagery, a play on Hip-Hop culture was created. Splashy imagery and playful taglines were used, along with a sign-up bonus, to engage the visitors and inform them of services that Envision offers. Envision staff, in custom shirts and bling jewellery, handed out stylized print work and were placed in a setting that was not only fun, but informative. A live DJ placed against a backdrop touting ‘Get your 50 bucks,’ completed the scene.

Envision Financial



With massive student attendance at all of the venues, the Envision staff found themselves handing out materials and freebies, while far surpassing their sign-up goals, and having a lot of fun too.

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