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Invero (formerly BlueSilverShift) is an industry-leading provider of digital advisory and consultancy services with a focus on cloud technology and Microsoft products. After completing a brand refresh to better reflect the company’s core services, values and expertise. KIMBO Design worked with Invero to develop an appropriate marketing strategy and was retained as the Agency of Record to implement all marketing efforts of the company. Our work leans on Digital Marketing efforts and focuses on increasing exposure of the new brand, gathering more leads and ultimately more clients who are interested in engaging the services/solutions of Invero.

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What We Delivered:

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Marketing Strategy Implementation
  • Graphic Design & Copywriting
  • Webinar Marketing
  • Thought Leadership


  • Organic Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimized Web Content
  • Media Buy, Monitoring & Reporting
  • Email Marketing Strategy and Implementation

The Challenge

In our work with Invero, identifying the right audience for our promotional efforts was a challenge. We worked to ensure that our efforts can spark interests in Invero services, convincing potential clients that they were the appropriate service provider – all while maintaining a tone that resonated with its audience.

With the effects of COVID-19, it was clear that in-person activities would continue to be moved online. Thus, the KIMBO team was careful to devise a digital-first strategy. The plan was to leverage the extended periods of time that people spend online because of social distancing efforts.

I have been extremely impressed with the entire team at KIMBO Design. They are professional and bring a breadth of expertise in the field of digital marketing that has elevated both our company as well as our marketing maturity. We worked with KIMBO Design to launch our new brand and have been working with them for nearly a year now to maintain our digital marketing presence covering everything from blog and social media posts, graphic design, digital advertising and marketing strategy.
Craig Slack
Craig Slack
CEO and Co-Founder, Invero

The Strategy

For this project, we decided to use a mix of our tried-and-true methods as well as some new ones to help Invero reach its target audiences most effectively and position Invero as an industry leader in the field of digital advisory and implementation.

1.     SEO keyword research was conducted to understand how people are searching for similar services online and which keywords would be most effective in targeting these individuals.

2.     An organic social media strategy was devised, implemented, and managed to generate leads through LinkedIn; This is where a great deal of Invero’s target audience was found.

3.     Google Ads Re-Marketing were used to specifically target individuals who had previously shown interest in services that Invero offers and to promote Invero’s newly redesigned brand and website, lead-generating campaigns, and event marketing. Targeting parameters include lookalike audiences, industries, demographics, locations, interests, professional titles and positions, among others. A press release was also published early in the project to ensure recognition of the company’s new brand and to leverage the additional press coverage to promote its services.

4.     A content marketing strategy was developed to attract potential clients through helpful blog articles, case studies, press releases, branded pitch decks, and five new landing pages in their website. These were primarily designed to portray Invero as a knowledgeable leader in the field of digital advisory and implementation, to build credibility for the high-end, quality services that Invero provides. Thus, new content and materials were developed to provide knowledge, generate interest for Invero’s services, drive more organic traffic to the website and ultimately generate more leads for sales.

5.     Finally, we deployed successful email marketing campaigns (e.g., Drip marketing, Pipedrive templates, email blasts, newsletters, etc.) With an increasing amount of interest (and widespread acceptance) in online learning as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Webinars and virtual workshops were identified to be the perfect activities to achieve the objectives. By nature, the transfer of knowledge on cloud technology served as the “main purpose” of these sessions. However, what’s more important is that these were opportunities to showcase Invero’s extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Thus, encouraging webinar attendees looking for external help to reach out.

Invero Google Display ads

Google Display ads as part of the Invero brand launch.

Invero Google Responsive ads

Google Responsive ads were implemented as a second phase of the Invero brand launch.

Invero Digital ads

Some of Invero’s brand launch ads featured on prominent business and tech websites.

Invero Image Gallery with colour pop treatments.

A sample of Invero’s image library that allows them to select a relevant image with their Canary Yellow colour pop treatment as needed. These customized images really stand out in in social feeds as users are scrolling around.



All our combined efforts led to a successful campaign that helped Invero reach its target audiences and grow its business.

1.     The SEO keyword research we conducted led to a 5.82% increase in organic traffic to Invero’s website.

2.     The social media strategy generated over 283 new followers through LinkedIn with an average engagement rate of 1.99%, well above the industry benchmark of 0.35%.

3.     The Google Ads campaign resulted in a click-through rate (CTR) of 3.86%, well above the B2B industry average of 2.41%.

4.     The content marketing strategy led to a 36.63% increase in blog traffic month-over-month.

5.     Finally, the email marketing campaigns led to more than 120 people registering to attend Invero’s first webinar in 2021. This was a 30x increase compared to the number of people who registered for Invero’s previous webinars. Out of those who registered, more than 100 people attended the event. Several of the attendees also became new leads of Invero.

Overall, both Invero and KIMBO are extremely happy with the results of this campaign. We continue to work with Invero as their Agency of Record on promoting its brand and services to this day with great success. With careful tailor-made content, and eye-catching graphics, we consistently achieve encouraging results without spending on paid advertising. We look forward to continuing our work with Invero and helping them grow their business even further.

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