Reboot Plus Google Advertising

Project Overview

Reboot Plus, a collaboration between Douglas College and PEERs Employment and Education Resources, addresses the needs of vulnerable youth aged 17 to 24 by offering a 16-week program focusing on education and career development. Funded by the Future Skills Centre of Canada, Reboot Plus aims to guide participants towards meaningful career paths through experiential learning and engagement with professionals.

Reboot Plus


What We Delivered:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Online Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Creative Ad Design


  • Detailed Targeting
  • Google Ad Setup
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Reporting and Analysis

The Challenge

Reboot Plus faced the challenge of increasing awareness among its target demographic while also driving web traffic and expanding its network of project partners. Additionally, reaching vulnerable youth who are disengaged from traditional educational pathways posed a significant hurdle.


The Strategy

To address these challenges, KIMBO Design devised a multi-faceted approach. The strategy involved crafting compelling ad creatives tailored to resonate with the target audience’s interests and aspirations. Detailed targeting ensured ads reached those most likely to benefit from the program. By leveraging Google Ads across Search, Display, and

Video formats, the campaign aimed to capture attention and drive traffic to Reboot Plus’s online platforms. Timing and placement were strategically optimized to maximize impact.


Reboot Plus Google Ad Creatives

Google Display Ad Results

Google Video Ad Results



Google Video Ads (YouTube):

  • Page Traffic: 30,651
  • Video Views: 28.9K
  • Impressions: 1.38M

Google Display Ads:

  • Page Traffic: 25,959
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): 0.62%
  • Impressions: 4.18M

The results underscore the success of the campaign in enhancing Reboot Plus’s visibility and engagement. Significant page traffic, video views, and impressions demonstrate the effectiveness of KIMBO Design’s strategy in reaching and resonating with the target audience. The campaign not only increased awareness of the program but also drove meaningful interactions, fostering connections and partnerships vital for Reboot Plus’s continued success in empowering vulnerable youth towards brighter futures.

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