Create a Winning Political Campaign with Smart Branding

Establish Your Brand

A solid campaign strategy with smart branding at the forefront will set you apart and create a strong connection between you and your public. Brand awareness, brand identity and brand positioning all play a key role in winning elections — this also drives your core message and content strategy.

Once your brand has been established, there are key components you should always be aware of:

User-Friendly, Optimized Website

A professional and user-friendly website that is aligned with your messaging is essential for smart branding. Keep in mind, the average person spends 8-10 seconds on a website — therefore, content should be easy to read, and the overall design should be intuitive; with a crisp, clean layout with high quality images in order retain the reader’s attention.

Hiring an experienced web development team that specializes in online branding is an invaluable long-term investment. Professionals will work with your campaign team to create a fully optimized and user-friendly website that matches your branding strategy.

Smart Logo Design & Colour Scheme

Choose a colour scheme for your logo and website with care. Colour and design has been known to have a powerful psychological influence on people’s behaviour and decision-making. Certain colours convey different emotions:

  • Orange – Cheerful, confidence, optimism
  • Blue – Trust, dependable, reliable
  • Green – Peaceful, tranquillity, power
  • Red – Bold, youthful, sense of urgency

Invest In Content

We now live in a world where ‘Content is King’ but if your content isn’t created for your target audience, it may fall flat.

Focus on your target audience. Understand the demographic you are trying to reach and provide value by keeping your readers updated with fresh and informative content on a regular basis. Remember – Google values an authoritative website that provides user friendly, well-maintained content and will rank you accordingly if you put in the effort. Keep in mind, photos, infographics and video are all considered to be content!

Smart Brands Have Personality

Personal branding can go a long way when connecting with people. Much like marketing products, showing off your personality can form a powerful connection with the public. Don’t be afraid to let your persona shine through — share your values and story — what makes you stand out from other candidates?

Get Involved On Social Media

With the average person spending two hours each day on social media, why wouldn’t you connect with your audience via social? Having a presence on at least two major social platforms is an effective way to connect and learn about your audience’s concerns and behaviour. By understanding patterns, lingo and habits, analyzing user data can be an effective tool when building your overall social media ad campaigns and overall brand strategy.

Branding yourself on social media also provides you with the opportunity to tell your story in a different medium and builds trust with your supporters.

Smart branding for a political campaign does seem like a lot to take on – and it is — however there are agencies that specialize in branding and web development that can help take your next political campaign to the next level.