Cyberattacks – How to keep your website secure

You’ve probably heard of the Colonial Pipeline and JBS meat ransomware crime, as well other high-profile cyberattacks.  The likelihood of ransomware infecting your WordPress site is minimal, but the likelihood of a hack is not. Have you ever wondered why small companies with tiny geographic footprints and nearly no Internet presence gets hacked? Most likely, they simply had the ideal mixture of flaws that an automated attack bot was hunting for. These kinds of incidents can bring a small to medium-sized business to its knees while costing the cyberattacker little to nothing. Do you know what you’d do if your website was hacked or how to prevent it?

Don’t Wait, Act Now to Prevent Cyberattacks

Don’t wait until your company gets hacked because you’re going to have to pay a lot more to get your website back rather than a monthly prevention program (not as much as 4.4 million like Colonial Pipeline but it could be!). So, what can you do to prevent cyber-attacks on your website?

Patch, Update, Maintain Regularly:

The most hacker-resistant setting is the most well-managed. Organizations like to cut back on system and network management tasks due to budget/staff cuts and a lack of training. This establishes a continuous threshold of low to medium risk concerns in the environment that, given the appropriate/ideal conditions for hackers, can contribute to a wildfire disaster.

Keeping up with patching, system/plugin updates, platform migrations, user administration, and configuration management is tiring, time-consuming, and generally overlooked; however, this task, more than any other single task, will lower the risk of cybersecurity incidents in a company and substantially reduce the likelihood of deceitful cyberattacks.

Leave it to the Professionals

You may believe that you or a member of your team is qualified to perform the maintenance activities that keep your site running smoothly. However, unless you are a web developer, you are unlikely to understand what this obligation implies.

Your website is a financial investment that must be safeguarded. Fortunately, KIMBO Design provides a plan that handles WordPress maintenance for you, so, you don’t have to. Investing in our maintenance package saves you money and assures that your website is constantly protected by industry specialists with deep cybersecurity experience. This relieves your in-house staff of the responsibility of regular monitoring and issue fixing, enabling them to focus on other duties.