Why Video Is A Powerful Tool When Recruiting Talent

Let’s face it. People respond to visual and audio media. Television, YouTube, Images, Magazines, Music, etc. They are accessible, engaging and transportable.

The days of running bland recruitment ads are over, especially with young talent.

What’s more, this type of video communication can be used on websites and landing pages, as e-blast links and on a variety of social media platforms and digital devices. As mentioned by Monster, a leading recruitment platform Video Can Help Humanize Your Recruiting. While there are many ways to approach such a video recruitment tool, it offers great flexibility for inspiring prospective employees to become familiar with the opportunity, and enthused with the potential for career growth and remuneration.

Let’s get real.

That can mean featuring testimonials of real employees, real work situations, and convincing sales presentations, including animation and graphics, backed by proven data and statistical support.

At Kimbo Design, we use conventional Internet and print-based strategies to provide the most effective means to attract the talent our clients are looking to hire.  But we have found that video recruiting is now a necessity, since most potential hires prefer to enjoy the experience of exploring their options.

Why is video recruitment so effective?

8 Ways to Use Video for Recruiting explains recruiting.com. There is nothing like hearing existing employees wax poetic about how exciting and forward-looking their working environments are, not to mention all the benefits that come with it. People believe people, and they want to be convinced. You cannot do that exclusively with the printed word, particularly when constrained by a recruitment ad, whether on the Internet or in print.

At Kimbo Design, we are experts at providing the strategy, the creative ideas, the assets and the production capability – all executed effectively and economically.

Let’s get started.

We have a highly experienced team of writers, directors and producers we can bring to bear in the service of your organization.

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