Putting Infographics to Work for You

As life becomes more complicated, it’s critical to distill information in a way people can digest easily. They are busy, they want to cut to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible, and they want to know what the benefit is to them. This is the reason why in magazines, for instance, photo captions are important, so that people can scan the material rapidly and decide whether to drill down into the details or not.

What’s more, providing a clear and concise visual representation makes your proposition easier to remember and articulate. Additionally, it is easier than ever to create infographics with tools like Miro’s data infographic maker.

The Ideal Infographic

Ideally, an infographic should be easy to understand, as simple as it can be, yet provide the overview necessary to absorb the ideas you want to communicate. Because this is essentially a visual medium, data can be more accessible to the target audience, and therefore more easily assimilated. Follow this small guide from the experts at Figma on how to make a good infographic.

Some key components of a good infographic can include:

  • Clear & simple graphics
  • An overarching idea that encapsulates the process, the content & the outcome
  • Language that is short & as simple as possible, in a manner that can be ingested by a variety of audiences, including decision-makers at all levels
  • Colour is always useful in order to attract people and provide a more compelling experience
  • Despite the idea that things should be conveyed as simply as possible, the infographic should be designed to allow for more complex matters

Optimize Your Marketing Communications

Your objective is to attract and connect with your target audience in the most compelling manner possible, in order to generate more engagement. Infographics are a proven way to do just that. They are visceral, thought-provoking and effective. That’s why they should be part of all your communications. We urge authors and readers to start using infographics.

Rely on KIMBODesign

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