3 Reasons Why You Need PPC Advertising in 2023

With an increase in online customers comes an increased importance on being one step ahead of your competitors. In 2022, businesses are reported to have spent $164 billion on PPC Advertising, which is projected to grow to over $190 billion in 2024. In 2023, it will be important for all businesses to utilize PPC advertising for ongoing success.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC Advertising stands for pay-per-click, which refers to an advertisement payment model where the advertiser pays a fee once their ad is clicked. These ads can include text, images, and videos in a variety of combinations and visual formats. The top digital advertising platforms utilized in 2022 include Google, Facebook, Tiktok, and Amazon amongst others. Google also has the highest market share amongst other search engines, which explains why it is so popular in the digital advertising space.

Here are 3 reasons why you need PPC ads in 2023:

1. Increased Traffic and Conversions

With PPC Advertising comes increased traffic to your website and conversions to customers. Compared to organic content, PPC ads also show 50% more likelihood for a purchase. Further, Google states that there is an average ROI of 200% with paid advertising. Therefore, with PPC advertising businesses will see more leads and customers because of the flexibility and customization that comes with this form of advertising.

2. More Control and Flexibility

Another great benefit of PPC Advertising is the ability to target your specific audience, within your budget, for as long as it suits your advertising needs. From keywords and placements to customized demographics, ad campaigns can be curated for your specific business goals. Furthermore, big organizations as well as small businesses use PPC advertising, with 45% of small businesses using PPC ads.

3. Better SEO Strategy

Finally, by utilizing PPC ads, businesses can gain insights on how to best position their products and services to customers online. For a business to reach more online customers, it is important to optimize its online content and use the most effective keywords.

For example, Google Ads provides data on ad impressions, reach, and conversions that help identify the best keywords for your SEO strategy. PPC ads provide insights that inform better decision making for future ads, website content, and social media. The combined use of PPC ads and SEO increase search engine visibility of your business which can improve your overall business leads.

Start PPC Ads Today

In an increasingly competitive online market, PPC ads are the most effective way to bring your business to all your potential customers and reach your online business potential. In the digital marketing age, businesses must compete for the attention of their customers and PPC ads are the most effective and convenient method to do this. PPC Ads provide a controlled and flexible method to help you increase website traffic and conversions, and simultaneously improve your SEO strategy for long-term business success.

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