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Adult Custody Division

Project Overview

KIMBO was brought on to provide brand development and designing services for the Adult Custody Division (ACD) of BC Corrections’s new recruitment campaign.


What We Delivered:

  • Brand Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Document Design & Layout


  • Photoshoot
  • Marketing Collateral (incl. Poster Design)
  • Copywriting, Editing & Proofing

The Strategy:

We collaborated closely with ACD to create a range of marketing and information materials to help BC Corrections’ expanding efforts in employee recruitment. An application handbook for potential job candidates, a pop-up banner, posters, billboards, and internet advertisements, as well as a consistent brand image for all materials generated, are among the materials created.

BC Corrections | Adult Custody Division Recruitment Guide

BC Corrections | Adult Custody Division Recruitment Guide Cover

To ensure that we are attracting the suitable individuals to apply to become a Peace Officer with the ACD. We emphasized on presenting the role as an honourable position that requires capable and responsible characters who also maintain a strong sense of morals. To achieve this, we made use of the photoshoot opportunity to create a series of posters which show individuals from different occupational groups immersing themselves into the role of a Peace Officer.

BC Corrections | Adult Custody Division Recruitment Posters

BC Corrections | Adult Custody Division Recruitment Pop-Up Banners



The project was highly successful. The ACD was very satisfied with the brand and marketing collaterals that we have produced, and had used them in various recruitment initiatives already. We continue to work with the ACD to this day for further development of this brand and corresponding materials.

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