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ʔaq’am Residents Guide

KIMBO won a competitive bid to provide creative services in conceptualization, graphic design, and data visualization for ʔaq’am – a First Nations community situated within the traditional territory of Ktunaxa Nation. We designed and developed the ʔaq’am Residents Guide based on the Environment Management Plan (EMPP). Introducing the Resident’s Guide to the ʔaq’am community involves clearly outlining the expectations and responsibilities of ʔaq’am residents and of ʔaq’am.


What We Delivered:

  • Brand Guidelines Implementation
  • Graphic Design & Creative Direction
  • Document Design & Layout
  • Indigenous Marketing Collateral


  • Copywriting, Editing, & Proofing
  • Curation of Photography
  • Custom Illustrations & Iconography
  • Infographics and Data Visualization

The Challenge:

One of the main challenges of the project was condensing and simplifying the EMPP, into a single easy-to-understand document for the general audience, but also designing to accommodate for future translation into their language. Another challenge was to ensure that our creative concepts remain aligned with the brand of the ʔaq’am community and represents Indigenous culture authentically.


The Strategy:

KIMBO conducted qualitative research and worked closely with ʔaq’am staff members on this project to ensure that all people are properly represented while remaining aligned with project goals. We remained vigilant in this project to honour the initial creative directions in place and to authentically incorporate them into the brand identity of the ʔaq’am.

The ʔaq’am Resident Guide is a 40-page document that is developed to help the residents easily understand the importance of protecting their environment and regulating land use, so they not only be healthier, but also more productive. We designed the communication materials to be clear and concise using custom illustrations and infographics, with information for each of the different management areas and associated priorities and policies outlined in the EMPP.

The ʔaq’am Resident Guide was also designed with inclusivity and sustainability in mind. The website icons are gender-neutral, and the content has been written in a way that is accessible to all readers. KIMBO curated photographs for the document that reflected the Indigenous culture, and they were used to complement brand guidelines. This document would be similar to some of the outreach materials that we would be designing for OCIO.



The document has been distributed to the residents of Aq’am and now they have the easy-to-digest guide at the tip of their fingertips and in their language. This was the first of its kind document created for the member community of the Ktunaxa Nation.

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