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City of Richmond

Project Overview

The City of Richmond is in direct competition with 22 other municipalities in the Metro Vancouver area for specialized talent, and is competing with countless employers for a variety of other roles. The goal for this work was to develop and launch an employer brand that will be linked to recruitment strategies, ensuring that the City of Richmond is recognized as an employer of choice, creating a talent pipeline that will reduce the time required to fill vacancies and improve retention of staff.

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What We Delivered:

  • Logo Creation
  • Branding/Brand Value Proposition/Candidate Profiles
  • Marketing Communications Plan - Creative and Strategic Direction
  • Toolkit with Presentations, Posters and other Collateral Materials
  • Video Script Writing & Art Direction


  • Photography
  • Copywriting & Content Development for Social Media
  • Employee Referral Program
  • Custom Careers Page for their Website

The Challenge

The City had been dealing with many challenges in the labour force, including an aging workforce, attracting technically qualified individuals, availability of entry- level workers and migration of workforce.

Choose Richmond Logo & Brand Guide

Choose Richmond Website

Choose Richmond Banners

Choose Richmond Banners



The Strategy

As a launching point, creating an employer branding plan required understanding the internal needs of the organization (the City) and the needs of potential, viable candidates. KIMBO Design bridged this gap by developing essential areas in the employer/applicant process to best communicate the Employer Brand to applicants, create trust, and facilitate a smooth, friction-free application experience throughout all touchpoints.


This process included:

  • Developing a value proposition that reflected the City’s goals for staffing and growth while communicating what makes Richmond unique among other cities
  • Conducting an audit of the City’s current Employer Branding and Recruitment Strategy, including the candidate application process
  • Researching and creating candidate profiles for current and future City hiring and workforce needs
  • Incorporating diversity, inclusion and accessibility throughout all touchpoints
  • Strengthening the City’s distribution mix, to ensure that all media channels are used optimally
  • Creating the above with both internal and external audiences and stakeholders in mind


Choose Richmond Instagram Post

Choose Richmond Instagram Post



The City of Richmond was experiencing challenges in recruiting and retaining quality talent at all levels of their organization. KIMBO Design was engaged to launch a multi-faceted marketing communications program to attract and keep talent in the face of stiff competition from other employers. The solution included in-depth analysis, market research and a multi-pronged initiative comprised of a tagline ‘Choose Richmond’, a new logo, collateral materials, social media assets, a video featuring fulfilled current employees, and much more.

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To help create and implement an effective, unique Employer Branding and Recruitment Strategy for the City, KIMBO Design drew on decades of combined experience and expertise to give shape to the brand and relevant deliverables, including:

  • Designing assets and writing content through the lens and framing of the Employer Branding and Recruitment Strategy as it takes shape across project stages
  • Drawing on UX/UI experience and principles to ensure that all touchpoints were coherent and relevant, creating an “actionable” brand with momentum
  • Designing assets and writing content with diversity, inclusion and accessibility as essential benchmarks
  • In executing all the above, actively seeking to discover and illuminate what makes Richmond a great place to work
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