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School District 22 Website

This project involved a complete redesign and redevelopment of the School District No. 22 – Vernon’s (SD22) current school district corporate website. This process includes consolidating the various departmental/school sub-sites within the School District into one unified visual style to give the SD22 and its affiliated entities a consistent look and feel.

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What We Delivered:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Information Architecture Development
  • Custom WordPress CMS


  • Responsive UI
  • User-friendly Multisite
  • WordPress Training

The Challenge:

One of the project’s main challenges was to allow for a limited degree of customization on the individual sub-sites, while still maintaining overall coherence to the SD22 brand on the new website. Combining this with the requirement to make the website more user-friendly on the backend means that our team had to be strategic in deciding which customization functions to enable and to what extent.

School District 22 Vernon website before & after

The School District 22 website before & after images.

SD22 Program page description for the Aboriginal Program.


The Strategy:

To achieve the project goals, KIMBO web designers first established the high-level visual style of a “master” page builder that incorporated SD22 branding and used it to develop 13-page templates for use throughout different portions of the website. The page builder developed also allows SD22 affiliated entities such as individual schools to customize their own sub-sites (such as colours on specific areas, etc.) while maintaining adherence to the overall established look and feel.

All the website homepages share a familiar look, from left to right, Alexis Park Elementary School, the SD22 District website’s homepage and then W.L. Seaton Secondary School’s on the right.

Our dropdown super menu made accessing all the schools and important pages quick and easy.



We utilized a custom WordPress CMS in the new SD22 site. WordPress’ open-source nature allowed our web developers to customize the content management system to deliver the exact functionalities that SD22 wants, including the ability for content to be managed with minimal programming knowledge. Another project goal was to make the website more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing on the frontend; this primarily involved strategically reorganizing content. Information and resources are presented logically and in a user-friendly manner on the new website as a result.

Within a month of the official launch, the redesigned SD22 website generated:

  • 82,878 Sessions
  • 36,028 Monthly Users
  • 148,943 Pageviews
  • 14.8% of Sessions accessed through Mobile
  • 22.3% of Traffic acquired through Organic Search
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