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Village of Belcarra

The Village of Belcarra’s old municipal website was deemed to be in dire need of a complete overhaul by the municipal administration of the region. KIMBO was commissioned by the Village of Belcarra to design and develop a new WordPress municipal website as a replacement for the current one, and to provide hosting and continuous maintenance and support for the new website.

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What We Delivered:

  • Website Development & Design
  • User & Styling Guidelines
  • Hosting & Support Services


  • Brand Implementation Guidelines
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Promotion Strategy

The Challenge:

As this website is the municipality’s primary form of communications with the residents of Belcarra, updates are regularly made to the site by municipality administration staff members who may not hold expertise in coding or web development work. It is of utmost importance for the website to be user-friendly both in the front and back-ends, and that it is able to present information to site visitors in a modern, elegant, and simplistic manner.

Village of Belcarra municipal website before and after

Before and after comparison of the Village of Belcarra Municipal Website redesign.


The Strategy:

To achieve the project goals with our success-proven process, we worked closely with Belcarra staff to determine web content/pages that need to be migrated over to the new site, new contents that need to be created or implemented, as well as additional functionalities that must be included. Throughout the project, we coordinated with Belcarra staff to determine where their inputs are needed, and we provided ample instructions/guidance for all of these instances so that Belcarra staff can participate in these processes with ease.



KIMBO provided the Village of Belcarra with an all new website design that is both visually appealing and user-friendly. Web content organization and navigation layouts were all designed to be clear and intuitive, so that website visitors/administrators can find/update the information that they need easily. Our hosting solution and WordPress Platform Maintenance Services also provide the municipality with the peace of mind that any maintenance work requiring technical knowledge in the future is taken care of by our professional web developers and that they are only a phone call away should the need for additional support arise.

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