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Ministry of Citizens Services: Connectivity Division

Project Overview

Fast, reliable internet connectivity is critical for everyone in B.C., but there are many First Nations and rural communities in the province that do not have access to these services.

The BC Government is working with First Nation communities, local government, internet service providers and the federal government to support the expansion of connectivity services to all communities that do not have high-speed internet by 2027.

First Nations are an important partner in expanding high-speed internet services and connecting the remaining First Nations reserves that lack access to high-speed internet services. As part of the suite of communication materials to support this work, KIMBO featured Indigenous artwork as brand elements to reflect this collaboration.

These brand elements were digitized by KIMBO to use in marketing communications materials.


What We Delivered:

  • Website Development & Design
  • Reports: pages and/or report covers
  • Presentation materials including Power Points


  • Graphic Design & Print Materials
  • Brochures, Banners & Newsletters
  • Video

The Challenge

Given the fact that there are a number of constituencies that have a stake in this enterprise, a variety of elements needed to be balanced to address the concerns of each of the parties. First Nations sensitivities, the interests of various levels of government and informing the general public all called for special consideration, in order to create a broad base of support among these groups.

"When I was approached to work collaboratively on this project, I could see the potential benefits of connectivity for the First Nations communities. By bridging the knowledge and traditions of the past with opportunities that access to high-speed internet offers, the goal was to have a collaborative artistic element that conveys the message of connection and community. The artwork chosen for this project, Synergy (2021), is here to connect hands, people, and Indigenous knowledge and culture. I'm proud of the results and hope these values can continue to be spread through this project." 
Alano Edzerza
Indigenous artist

The Strategy


Adaptation of artwork from Indigenous artist Alano Edzerza for OCIO

Brochure template created for OCIO

Kootenay connectivity benefits study spread

Understanding internet speed discrepancies report template

Presentation materials including PowerPoints templates

Pop-up banners for OCIO for Information Tool, Regional Districts, Communities BC and Opportunities Tools




KIMBO’s designers integrated Alano’s artwork into brand elements for various collateral materials for the Ministry. Gathering inspiration from the curvy architecture of The Canadian Museum of History and the shapes and lines of Synergy, KIMBO created graphic design elements that incorporated the artwork. The design and brand elements evoke respect and stand alongside the Indigenous symbol.

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