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Access Our Medicine


Under the umbrella of the Mindset Social Innovation Foundation, and the guidance of founder and CEO Alison Lawton, Access Our Medicine was created to raise awareness about those who cannot afford medicine. Medicine is often out of reach and too expensive, when it should simply be a basic human right.



What We Delivered:

  • Website
  • Custom Programming
  • Unique Home Page Parallax


  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Coded Six Digit Counter
  • Custom Social Media Functionality

The Challenge

When we took over the website, it was a barebones, one-page static website, a mere home page. It was important that the site quickly engaged the user to sign up and support the call for accessible medicine. The needs of the site pushed the upper limits of WordPress capabilities, which required our programmer to create custom code for many of the site’s interactive features.aom-Body_ImageTemplate-v2


The Strategy

The primary objective of the Access Our Medicine site was to the public through a “showing of support” sign up feature, and to encourage continued support through social conversations. It was important that the reach was broad and deep, so we used a focused social media campaign as well.



The Access Our Medicine Initiative has done what we hoped it would do: raise public awareness and secure over 100,000 signatures on a declaration that was shared with world leaders in September. This declaration was created to ensure that access to affordable medicine is part of the newly created Global Goals, and the online declaration form included signatures from public figures such as Sarah McLachlan, Sean Penn, Richard Branson, and Olympian Clara Hughes.

The initiative also attracted the interest of some large global nonprofits and to that end, the project will now be handed over to a selected nonprofit. The KIMBO team is proud to have played a key role in the success of this important initiative.

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