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Spectra Energy


Spectra Energy is starting a conversation about how to help BC take advantage of new opportunities from the growing natural gas industry. Their Energy for BC campaign is designed to build grassroots support for Spectra’s proposed Northern BC pipeline. The campaign informs communities how to help BC take advantage of new opportunities growing from natural gas, while simultaneously protecting the environment. We developed and executed an online banner ad campaign, print ad campaign, Facebook ad campaign, and a direct mail campaign, and we designed all campaign materials. We also designed and developed the campaign website.


What We Delivered:

  • Outreach Campaign
  • Custom Design Booklets
  • WordPress Custom Website


  • Information Folder
  • Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Newspaper Design

The Challenge:

The campaign design had to reflect Spectra’s existing brand standards, but also be unique enough to stand on its own. We had two weeks to create the design and develop the materials, so our team had to be responsive and agile, in order to produce these materials for use at multiple open house events around the province. Furthermore, the direct mail pieces had to be sent to over 30,000 homes in specific BC communities. We had to work closely with our printer to ensure delivery of these personal touch points.


The Strategy:

This campaign had to be informative and reflect inclusiveness, so we used an image of a real Spectra employee as the central visual for all campaign materials. This visual emphasizes Spectra’s positioning statement, “a BC company for BC people.” The woman is approachable, and the colours are professional yet vibrant, while the graphic elements (buttons and icons) evoke ideas of community, and encourage social engagement.


We took Spectra’s corporate branding and evolved it into a campaign brand. Using Spectra’s colours and typography, we created a friendly, approachable, and inclusive campaign look and feel. We also took a sustainable design approach for this campaign. With our strategic planning, we provided the client with the best output options for print. This also reduced environmental impacts and resulted in cost savings.



The creative presents Spectra as welcoming and transparent, inspiring trust in the communities. Community members have been very receptive to the campaign, resulting in an abundance of positive press.

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