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PowerUP Canada

Canada desperately needed a new and positive vision in the fight against global warming, and KIMBO Design designed a brand, logotype, marketing material and website for the new initiative, PowerUP Canada.


What We Delivered:

  • Logo Design
  • Branding


  • Website

The Challenge

Global warming is the biggest collective challenge the world has ever faced. Many of the solutions are at hand, but we need our national leaders to work together and implement them. KIMBO Design’s challenge was to create a website that would engage Canadians from all walks of life to join PowerUP Canada, to create change and turn Canada into a climate leader.

I worked with KIMBO Design on the PowerUP Canada campaign. KIMBO Design provided the branding and website design that attracted participants to our cause. KIMBO Design also helped reduce our carbon footprint with sustainable print executions, such as recycled stock and biodegradable vinyl.
Tzeporah Berman
Tzeporah Berman
Co-Director Climate & Energy Program

Our Strategy

With a highly publicized live media event at the Toronto Film Festival promoting Climate Change, PowerUp Canada needed a dynamic way to reach an international audience. Development of a fluid identity for the website, campaign event, and marketing materials presented itself as the best option. The colour palette for the identity uses bright, vivid colour treatments and KIMBO Design’s team developed motivating design elements and bold colour palettes that stayed away from the gloomy guilt-based messaging seen in most environmental campaigns.




KIMBO designed a successful brand identity by carefully executing details for the identity that worked as a strong foundation. A well designed logo allowed for easy application into small media, and large scale print, for the media launch. KIMBO Design was given just 14 days to create the website and build elements of the social networking strategy that would help attract supporters. is an intensive website, which included flash video content, donation capabilities and custom programmed RSS feeds, packaged in a bright, inviting and user-friendly design.

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