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BodyPulse Fitness Studio

BodyPulse is a newly established Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) fitness studio based in Vancouver, BC. As the company is new to the industry, the overarching goal of the project was to establish a representative brand identity that is bold and vibrant, as well as a strong online/community presence for the brand itself. This included the design and development of a website, logo, tagline and messaging options, signage and photography direction. We also gave art direction for the promotional photo and video shoot, with the goal for stark and bold imagery.

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What We Delivered:

  • Logo and Branding
  • Tagline & Messaging
  • Photography Art Direction


  • Signage Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Promotion Recommendations

The Challenge

One of the main challenges of the project was the fact that everything was planned, developed and created from scratch as this is a newly established business. As such, we had little reference materials to work with and our design approach was mostly driven by discussions with the client and guided by our understanding of BodyPulse’s vision:

“To empower everyone to build healthy habits, through the physical, mental, and lifestyle benefits of the EMS fitness experience.”

BodyPulse EMS Fitness Studio Logo

We took a minimalistic approach with the design, emphasizing on a monotone look and feel.


The Strategy

The goal was to create a brand that’s not too flashy or too bright, while remaining bold, powerful and authentic. Hence, we took a minimalistic approach with the design, with a heavy weight on a monotone approach and look, but with sparse use of a singular highlight colour. We settled on a darker red/maroon colour as our highlight colour of choice through branded materials. Tagline and brand slogans were created with the following themes in mind: Innovation, modernity, futuristic, heart, rhythm, quick sessions.

In addition to development of the brand itself and branded materials. KIMBO also designed and developed a brand new website that is integrated with the Mindbody booking system for a seamless user-experience. This site serves as the main portal for BodyPulse clients to gain information and make reservations for workouts.

BodyPulse EMS Fitness Studio Branded Assets

Branded collateral that follow a similar design style as the brand.

BodyPulse EMS Fitness Studio Storefront

We also developed the storefront design that is aligned with the brand.

Mindbody integration on website

A modern website integrated with Mindbody booking system for a seamless user-experience.

BodyPulse EMS Fitness Studio Website

The website utilizes a responsive design that allows it to be displayed on devices of any screen size.



In addition to a logo and branded assets development. A responsive website was designed using a similar approach to ensure consistency in look and feel. Utilizing the user-friendly WordPress CMS, the website is seamlessly integrated with the Mindbody booking system for a fluid user-experience and easy schedule maintenance.

Branded signage including sandwich boards were also designed and produced to promote the launch of BodyPulse’s Kitsilano EMS Fitness Studio. While tagline and messaging options were developed as a part of the brand identity. This was accompanied by a social media strategy which outlines our suggestions for social media marketing moving forward. Learn more about KIMBO Design’s branding process and how we could help your business reach its maximum potential.



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