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City of Campbell River

KIMBO worked closely with the City of Campbell River in this project to conduct a thorough brand audit of the City’s economic development branch and its initiatives. The City of Campbell River is a mid-sized city situated on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. In recent years, Campbell River has made attempts to diversify the local economy through various economic development initiatives. To identify the effectiveness and potential room for improvement in these efforts, KIMBO was brought on to provide a comprehensive and fair evaluation on the brand of the City’s economic development branch and its respective initiatives using our professional knowledge in the field.


What We Delivered:

  • Brand Audit
  • Brand Strategy
  • SWOT Analysis


  • Market Research
  • Web Analytics Analysis
  • Brand Assessment

The Challenge:

The project had three main goals: to strengthen the City of Campbell River’s Economic Development brand, to overcome the “Mill Town” perception and present the economy of Campbell River in a more diversified manner, and lastly to create a brand that resonates with millennials, entrepreneurs, as well as young families and working professionals. The main challenge of this project involved the compilation and evaluation of the City’s large amount of economic development initiatives and corresponding materials on various platforms. This includes both online resources such as the City’s website, economic development initiatives microsites, and social media, among others; as well as traditional efforts such as magazine editorials and print-ads. We employed our utmost diligence in the evaluation of these materials from various mediums to ensure that our comparisons are fair and informative.

Campbell River brand audit

City of Campbell River Economic Development Initiatives Materials


The Strategy:

To achieve the identified project goals, we conducted a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis on the City’s current economic development efforts. We also provided recommendations for the City to strengthen its economic development brand, to overcome its dated “Mill Town” perception, and to create a brand that resonates with millennials, entrepreneurs, as well as young families and working professionals. Due to the competitive nature of economic development initiatives, KIMBO also explored the key demographics that the City is attempting to appeal to and what other competitors are doing to achieve similar goals.

Campbell River drone shot

City of Campbell River, B.C.



The brand audit conducted for the City of Campbell River was highly successful. Our findings were compiled into a comprehensive report that was supplied to the City of Campbell River at the end of the project. We provided the City with a thorough analysis of their economic development efforts, identifying key strengths and potential areas for improvement in the future. As part of the recommended strategy, KIMBO made suggestions for a stand-alone Economic Development brand and developed a set of recommended brand identity and messaging based on our findings in the brand audit. Campbell River project stakeholders were very appreciative of the evaluation that we conducted and took our professional recommendations for improvement into many of their everyday operations going forward.

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