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BuiltSpace Technologies

BuiltSpace is a web-based tool that uses social engagement to improve occupant comfort, strengthen communities, and reduce energy and resource consumption, in commercial, residential and institutional buildings. A building management system, BuiltSpace enables building occupants, tenants, staff, operators, management and service suppliers to collaboratively improve their building’s environment.

In building their brand, BuiltSpace Technologies Corporation contracted KIMBO Design Inc. to create an identity program that would engage their target audience, and evoke ideas of sustainability and progress.

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What We Delivered:

  • Corporate Identity
  • Narrative and Messaging
  • Building Signage


  • Usability Design
  • Web Application
  • Tradeshow Banner Design

The Challenge:

BuiltSpace is a complex project with multiple brand executions, and this meant that the highly technical nature of the product had to be succinctly and clearly communicated across various brand collateral. Complicating matters was the fact that the brand had to speak to a wide target audience. This meant that it had to conform to corporate standards, while engaging users on a personal level.


The Strategy:

Products and services similar to BuiltSpace all share a similar corporate look. Their logos consist of simple abstract symbols and/or wordmarks. Since BuiltSpace’s target audience includes people in this sector, a complete departure from this look would have alienated them. However, the logo still had to be unique enough to stand out. In building the BuiltSpace brand, we paired a contemporary wordmark with a readily identifiable symbol. This simple yet unique logo communicates a clear message of familiarity, innovation, and progress.

BuiltSpace Technologies

We designed custom infographics that evoke spatial imageries, speaking to the relationship between people and their spaces. We used an earthy colour palette, evoking the brand’s sustainability position, and balanced this with bold black, to retain the corporate look.

We have applied the BuiltSpace brand to sell sheets, in-building signage, social media channels, stationery, a power point presentation and a press release, and we also designed the website

BuiltSpace Technologies



KIMBO had to design Builtspace’s in-building signage system, and it was important to both KIMBO Design and the client that the signs be sustainable. KIMBO design worked closely with our printer to produce signage made from plexiglass, which reduces waste due to its longevity. These signs are also damage and water-resistant, demonstrating that print design can be effective, innovative, and sustainable.



The BuiltSpace brand successfully communicates a message of sustainability, innovation, progress, and community to a wide target audience, and KIMBO Design was awarded a Summit Emerging Media Award for the Builtspace identity program, and a Green Dot Award for its sustainable design process.

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