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City of Surrey

One of our recent collaborations with the City of Surrey was the Engineering Department’s ‘Goals & Accomplishments Report’. This report showcases highlights of all that the City of Surrey Engineering Department has achieved in the past year and sets goals to be attained by the department in the near future.


What We Delivered:

  • Document Design
  • Typesetting & Layout
  • Photo Editing
  • Creative Conceptualization


  • Print Design
  • Infographics & Iconography Development
  • Copyediting & Proofing

The Challenge:

Our work on the report involved two primary challenges. First off was to ensure that the vast amount of information presented within the 36-page report didn’t overwhelm the reader. The document includes thorough overviews of the City of Surrey Engineering Department as a whole, as well as the specific functions and goals set for each of its seven key divisions.

Another challenge was translating the text-heavy document into a captivating report that is accessible to those not familiar with the department’s work. This presented a unique challenge that our designers had to be especially creative to overcome, through utilizing iconography to distill content and make the document informative for all readers.

The Land Development and LRT Key Accomplishments spreads.

The Land Development and LRT Key Accomplishments spreads.


The Strategy:

By utilizing a large amount of custom iconography and infographics, we were able to improve readability and retain the readers’ interests with recognizable, recurring graphics. Over 50 unique icons were developed for this report, with each one of them representing key information or notable achievements of the Engineering Department. We also implemented a themed colour coding system to further categorize information into the seven key divisions they make reference to. This helps the reader to quickly locate and identify segments of the report in which they have the most interest.

City of Surrey Engineering Report

Custom iconography and infographics help tell the story across the seven division’s achievements.

City of Surrey Engineering Report

The colour coding system developed for the seven key divisions.



We determined that the most efficient way to break down the word-centric document into small, readable segments was to create a captivating report steered by unique iconography and accompanied by a themed colour coding system. Photos and simple infographics were also employed to allow for visualized data and increased readers’ engagement where appropriate. The end product was an engaging yet comprehensive report that highlights the key accomplishments and future goals set for the City of Surrey Engineering Department.

Maintaining our commitment to quick turnaround times, we were able to complete this project within a week’s time through our highly efficient workflow and project management. Our work received praise for its exceptional creative layout along with high-quality original graphics; it was highly successful in meeting all project expectations and presenting the very successful year of the Engineering Department.

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