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Tahltan Central Government

The Tahltan Council of Government (TCG) is a central administrative governing body for the Iskut Band and Tahltan Nation reached out to use various ad hoc design services. Currently, we are working on creating a suite of resources for their Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA) materials for the Eskay Greek Revitalization Project. The scope of work ranges from web design services to print design. A focus of the project is creating infographics/data visualization.


What We Delivered:

  • Document Design
  • Print Materials
  • Graphic Design


  • Copyediting and Proofing
  • Social Media Assets
  • Custom Infographics

The Strategy:

The communications team at the nation is a passionate and knowledgeable group that truly cares about the environment and the community they work in. Our first project with them was to design posters for their Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA). The objective of the IBA is to inform the Tahltan community members of the plan to start and maintain the Eskay Creek Revitalization Project, as well as ask for their input on whether they support it. We were able to take their existing branding and create a visually appealing poster that showcases the different areas of their project. This sort of short timelines project could be something that the OCIO team might have from time to time.

Currently, we are creating a cohesive design for a suite of resources that they will use for their IBA. These include creating infographics, social media posts, Q&A document templates and more. Our visual strategy was to encourage the TCG members with an informational campaign to participate in their community and vote. To this end, we have developed a series of outreach marketing collateral designed to increase awareness of the IBA and its pros & cons. To ensure the fairness and impartiality of this content, KIMBO created a neutral, non-partisan colour palette for social media assets and custom infographics. The infographics effectively showed the benefits, ramifications, timelines, mentorship program, and employment opportunities of the Eskay Creek Revitalization Project. The Q&A document was also kept in this style to ensure that all content is equally represented with no bias towards any one topic or person associated with it. The microsite website and report document also convey this sense of neutrality.

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