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Terramera RANGO Product Launch

Terramera is a leader in agricultural technology with a mission to increase global crop yields while decreasing synthetic chemical loads. KIMBO was commissioned to develop a launch campaign for the company’s plant-based pest control and crop protection product RANGO in the US through both digital and traditional advertising channels.


What We Delivered:

  • Digital & Print Ads Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Graphic Design


  • Copywriting
  • Creative Conceptualization
  • Planning & Research

The Challenge:

It is always a challenge to establish a strong brand presence in a new market and build trust with foreign audiences. As a BC-based operation expanding into the US market, Terramera needed to form a positive first impression with this campaign. But more importantly, the campaign needed to generate awareness to get the US agricultural community intrigued about RANGO and encourage them to try out the product as an alternative to traditional pesticides.

Digital ads mirror print ads for easy recognition.

Terramera RANGO brochure data spread

Opening spread of the RANGO brochure put the focus on proven data.


The Strategy:

The project teams conducted extensive research on the product’s targeted audiences to determine the most effective strategies for this campaign. This ensured that all marketing efforts were going towards potential Terramera RANGO customers for maximum conversion.

We took a two-pronged approach with this integrated campaign by marketing on both digital and traditional channels to allow for maximum reach. The project is ongoing and so far we have developed a brochure, two print ads, a full-page magazine insert, and a digital ad for the web. We also established the artwork and creative style utilized in other RANGO marketing collateral including info sheets, postcards, and trade booth materials.

Terramera Tradeshow Booth

The tradeshow booth and other RANGO collateral.

Working in close collaboration with the Terramera team, we determined a need to establish a platform for directing new sales prospects towards and came up with ‘’. Adhering to the established art style, the Terramera team developed the landing page which captures potential product testers gathered from campaign efforts. This was then developed into a full funnel campaign to encourage targeted users to try the product – which has had great success in establishing its reliability in the US agricultural market in California.



The campaign launch has been successful in creating awareness and generating interest for RANGO, and they are looking forward to increasing the number of in-field product trials from the new prospects. The results, data, and testimonials regarding samples provided will take additional time, and campaign efforts are ongoing. We continue to work with Terramera to further develop their brand and establish RANGO as the organic go-to alternative of traditional pesticide products on the market.

Campaign Results as of 2019:

  • Impressions and Views: 1M+ impressions with the majority coming from display ads and social media.
  • Conversion and Trials: The campaign has generated many new contacts/leads with print, email marketing and tradeshows being the most effective sources in generating high-quality contacts and leads including potential dealers and distributors.
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