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RVR Marketing Campaign

The Robson Valley Region, encompassing the communities of Canoe and Robson Valley in northern British Columbia, Canada, is a region rich in economic potential yet faced with the challenge of effectively communicating its strengths to attract investment. In response to this challenge, a strategic partnership was formed between the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, the Village of McBride, and the Village of Valemount, culminating in the implementation of an ambitious economic development marketing plan. Tasked with spearheading this initiative, KIMBO Design was entrusted to amplify the region’s economic opportunities and foster growth through strategic branding and marketing efforts.

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What We Delivered:

  • Brand Audit
  • Stakeholders' Activity
  • Marketing Messaging & Strategy
  • Photography Shoot and Coordination


  • Website Design and Development
  • Social Media creation and Management
  • Print and Digital Ads

The Strategy

KIMBO Design adopted a multifaceted approach to maximize the impact of the economic development marketing plan for the Robson Valley Region. The strategy began with a comprehensive brand audit and stakeholder engagement process to gain insights into the region’s unique strengths and opportunities. Leveraging these insights, KIMBO crafted a compelling marketing messaging and strategy tailored to showcase the region’s potential and attract investment.

Central to the strategy was the creation of engaging advertising materials for various online channels, utilizing captivating photography and clean graphic design to highlight the region’s natural beauty and economic prospects. A key component of the strategy was the development of a user-friendly website, serving as a central hub to promote economic development opportunities and provide essential information to stakeholders and investors.

In addition to digital efforts, KIMBO developed a suite of collateral materials, including regional profiles, investment overviews, and sector-specific opportunity sheets, to support the Regional District’s economic development initiatives. Through meticulous coordination of a photography shoot and collaboration with local stakeholders, KIMBO ensured authenticity and resonance in all marketing materials, effectively positioning the Robson Valley Region as an attractive destination for investment and economic growth.

Robson Valley Region Regional Profile.

Regional Profile – Introduction.

Opportunity Sheets.

Business Development Guide.

General Information Guide

Marketing Materials created for the Robson Valley Region.

Before and After picture of the website redesign.

Robson Valley Region digital display ads



The implementation of the economic development marketing plan yielded significant results, propelling the Robson Valley Region towards its goals of attracting investment and fostering economic prosperity. The adoption of the marketing strategy by the Regional District underscored its success, signaling a shift towards the implementation phase and ongoing efforts to leverage the region’s economic potential.

Tangible outcomes included the development of a range of marketing materials, such as regional profiles, investment overviews, and sector-specific opportunity sheets, actively supporting the Regional District’s economic development efforts. Moreover, the launch of a user-friendly website served as a vital tool for promoting economic development opportunities and engaging stakeholders and investors.

The impact of the project extended beyond tangible results, with heightened awareness and positive feedback from the community indicating its effectiveness in promoting the region’s economic potential. Notable successes included the expansion of McBride and Valemount Tourism and the establishment of new businesses, such as the TGP grocery store in McBride and PEAK Shuttles’ expanded services.

In summary, the collaboration between the Robson Valley Region and KIMBO Design exemplifies the power of strategic branding and marketing in driving economic development and fostering community prosperity. By harnessing the region’s unique strengths and opportunities, the project has laid a solid foundation for sustainable growth and continued success in the Robson Valley Region.

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