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Horizon Distributors

Horizon Distributors is Western Canada’s leading distributor of organic and natural products. The company wanted to rebrand their image with a new logo, a new website, and a customized online ordering system. The need for a new logo hinted at the need for a new website, which consequently led to a complete overhaul of the ordering system.

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What We Delivered:

  • Re-Brand and Website Re-design
  • Corporate Identity
  • Narrative and Messaging
  • Art Direction / Custom Photoshoot


  • Responsive Website Design
  • WordPress Custom Development
  • Custom Online Order Form

The Challenge:

Prior to their rebranding, ordering products through Horizon Distributors involved filling in electronic spreadsheets through manual data entry. The process was time-consuming, cumbersome, and highly susceptible to human error. Horizon Distributors needed to streamline the process so that their products could move faster from warehouse to the customer. The order form also needed to be enhanced, so that customers would find it engaging and easy to use. It must also be foolproof, so that customers cannot enter the wrong product code.

We interviewed numerous design companies upon deciding to do a complete website and logo overhaul, but KIMBO stood out above the rest. As an established organic and natural food distributor with a cooperative history and high growth, communicating who we are was as important to us as the functionality of our site, which was no small matter, as we carry nearly 6,000 items. KIMBO did an excellent job both representing our values and company culture in the design and sensory experience of our website and logo, in addition to making it very accessible.
Gayle Thom
Gayle Thom
Director of Procurement and Marketing, Horizon Distributors

The Strategy:

KIMBO Design worked on the order form as the first step in redesigning their new website. The custom-programmed order form is the heart of the website, and it is integrated with a sophisticated auto-completion script where customers enter the first two digits of a product number, and the product code is automatically filled in, along with a complete product description. This eliminates any possible errors with product code entries. The form was programmed to generate a copy of the order and send it to the customer as a PDF attachment, and also to notify staff at Horizon Distributors that a customer has placed an order, making the entire ordering process completely streamlined. The rebranded Horizon Distributors website was launched to promote their brand and their products, and to drive website traffic to the online order form.




KIMBO Design successfully provided Horizon Distributors with a new website and a customized online ordering system. With the integrated auto-completion script, customers are able to submit their orders with minimal data entry, resulting in a more efficient ordering process. Every single order they receive lists product codes that match with their product description, resulting in 100% accuracy.

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