Marketing during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As an effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, some businesses have cut back on marketing, while others are coming up with out of the box ideas to engage with their audience during these difficult times.

While no one can say for certain what is the “right way” to market and maintain your brand exposure amid a pandemic. As businesses begin limited operations around the country. We will be will covering our observations and suggestions an ad agency in this series about the changes to look out for, now and post-pandemic.

Empathy and Customer Engagement

Businesses must move forward but do so with genuine empathy. Marketers can help business owners and executives take the right action by acting as a beacon for consumer interest and understanding. Customer engagement and research programs can help provide insights on how to best move forward through informed decisions.

Paid ads are getting cheaper

A trend we have observed is that paid digital ads are becoming cheaper.

It makes sense because the way these ad networks such as Google Ads make revenue through an auction system. As there aren’t as many businesses advertising right now than before, there isn’t as much competition for the inventory, so the cost per click as a whole decreases.

This being said, more of us are spending more time online due to the global lockdown to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, traffic on the internet is up and there are fewer ads around. While conversions rates are also down (and more so in certain industries), but at a relatively less significant rate compared to cost per clicks.

This opens new opportunities to many businesses who may have never considered online marketing before. If you haven’t tried online ads for your business, now may be the chance.