What eCommerce Platform Should You Add to Your WordPress Website

In Canada, online shopping is increasingly growing, which implies that eCommerce is rapidly becoming a requirement for retailers and even several B2B businesses. According to analysts, this movement is here to stay, and companies need to change to remain competitive. Fortunately, included in the StrongerBC, B.C.’s Economic Recovery Plan, “the Launch Online Grant program will invest up to $12 million to help small- and medium-sized businesses throughout B.C. move their business model online” working in partnership with a B.C.-based company, such as KIMBO Design Inc.

As more consumers look online to satisfy their job and personal needs, entrepreneurs need to rapidly change their capabilities to meet shifting expectations and buying behaviour.

Here are some benefits of an eCommerce Shop

  1. Low Operating Cost
    WooCommerce platform makes it easy for entrepreneurs to start an online store with everything from an engaging, mobile-friendly platform to payments to inventory and shipping management. They can also combine sales and inventory management between the online and brick-and-mortar operations.
  2. Learn about your Customers
    The beauty of eCommerce is the amount of knowledge you can learn about your customers through web analytics. You can watch where they’re coming from, where they’re going on your platform, and what they’re buying. You will use the data to customize your online shop.
    • What are the most popular items of your customers?
    • What webpages are customers exiting the site?
    • What UX design improvements and advertisements are creating improved sales?

    You may also use all of these insights to improve sales in your physical store!

  3. Improve Customer Experience
    The pandemic has caused an ever-increasing abundance of customers shopping online. Its generally known customers still prefer an in-store experience—the chance to touch and test merchandise when seeking advice from the staff. You can also combine the in-store/online experience by supplying your staff with smartphones or tablets. The team can display items online to customers as they engage with them in the store and even take orders right on the spot.  The eCommerce platform provides consumers with an enhanced experience with the addition of 24/7 shopping from anywhere.
  4. Extend your Customer Reach
    eCommerce helps your business extend your regional limitations beyond your neighbourhood to your nation. Adding an eCommerce shop opens your customer to international markets!

WooCommerce and WordPress joined together with a plus sign

eCommerce for a WordPress Website
If you currently have a WordPress website, WooCommerce is a great addition. The eCommerce combo provides store owners and developer’s full access. You may offer physical goods and digital products, customize various environments, sell items from affiliates and offer memberships. The possibilities are endless with WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is an open-source framework with almost 300 official extensions in its store covering fees, distribution, marketing and accounting.
It has features that allow businesses to book and teach online classes. Plugins like Sensei enable users to build courses, write lectures, and add quizzes to test students. You can also bill for your classes. Analytics offers a description of the content, evaluations and who is registered. The possibilities are also limitless with WooCommerce’s plugins.

Get an eCommerce WordPress Advisory Assessment
KIMBO is offering a 360 Website Needs Assessment so that you can enhance functionality for the future. Contact us to learn about how we can help your business profit.