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Honeybrew Strudel Bar

The owner of Honeybrew Strudel Bar approached KIMBO to design a full brand identity package and various collateral for their new Strudel restaurant. This was to be a new twist on old family traditions, basing it around the owner’s family strudel recipe that brought together the entire family. The brand and restaurant needed to be fun, creative, attention-grabbing and welcoming.

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What We Delivered:

  • Branding & Naming Process
  • Logo & Brand Identity Design
  • Custom Pattern Design
  • Copywriting
  • Custom Signage


  • Website Design and Development
  • Social Media Implementation
  • Social Media Asset Design
  • Print Materials
  • Website Technical Support

The Brand

KIMBO created various concepts, but the consensus was the bright and confident swirls that you see here. They wanted something that would stand out on the street, that would get you interested and in the door. The swirls capture the playful nature of the establishment, but also represent the concept of mixing; mixing ingredients, mixing drinks, people socializing and making connections. This is a place that people can come to for a fun time and a memorable experience.

Honeybrew Restaurant storefront image

Honeybrew window hoarding


For the launch of Honeybrew Bar, KIMBO created a unique and meaningful brand identity, on-site window hoarding, stationery, a responsive website and was heavily involved in interior decor recommendations. KIMBO’s approach to keeping Honeybrew Bar in the public eye was to create organic social media content with the restaurant’s launch. Since its launch, KIMBO has added more landing pages and photographs to their website as a part of our ongoing efforts.

Honeybrew business cards (owner card and general card).

Honeybrew responsive website design.


The Engagement Strategy:

For this campaign, we chose to use a combination of tried-and-true, as well as innovative approaches to best reach Honeybrew’s target audience.

1.     An organic social media strategy was devised, implemented, and managed to generate engagement through their new Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

2.     We later added TikTok to our strategy after research and development of target audiences. We helped Honeybrew win $5000 in ad credits from the #MySmallBusiness contest, which allowed us not only to promote their business but also show off some creative video production we’ve been involved with.


@honeybrewbar How our iconic dessert, the Strudel, is made! From Austria to #Vancouver ♬ original sound – honeybrewbar


All our combined efforts led to a successful campaign that helped Honeybrew and grow its business.

1.     The social media strategy generated over 543 new followers through Instagram with an average engagement rate of 2.13%, well above the industry benchmark of 0.63%.

2.     For our TikTok organic and paid strategy, we’ve gained 4k+ likes in less than 2 months.

3.     Finally, the website views increased 298.09% and new users increased 400.67% in one year.

A responsive, contemporary, and user-friendly website was designed in addition to a comprehensive branding package, copywriting, and social media marketing strategy. The website was built using WordPress CMS and includes a bespoke online menu, bright and welcome colour patterns, and an easy-to-use user flow. We continue to work with Honeybrew on marketing its brand and services. We produce extremely encouraging results by using smart targeting, tailored content, and eye-catching visuals.

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