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Robson Valley Region

The Robson Valley Region approached KIMBO Design to create and implement an economic development strategy and refresh their marketing materials. This involved creating a variety of marketing materials to highlight and promote the economic development opportunities in the area, as well as showcase a refreshed look and feel.

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What We Delivered:

  • Marketing Messaging & Strategy
  • Brand Refresh
  • Photography Shoot and Coordination


  • Graphic Design & Print Materials
  • Custom Infographics
  • Copywriting

The Strategy

KIMBO began this project with an in-person visit to the Robson Valley Region where a stakeholders workshop was conducted in order to gain an authentic understanding of the community and identify its strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities when it came to economic development. We then conducted a thorough audit of their current materials, which included the website, brand guides, videos, and various marketing materials. This process helped shape our approach to the project and allowed us to hone in on what current and future opportunities were not being featured.

From there, we stripped down all materials and distilled content to communicate most effectively. We gave all materials a fresh look, implementing the foundation of their brand elements, while significantly modernizing and cleaning up the brand. A photoshoot of the area was coordinated with a local photographer and photos were used throughout materials to inspire and capture the true essence of the Robson Valley Region.

Robson Valley Region Regional Profile.

Regional Profile – Introduction.

Opportunity Sheets.

Business Development Guide.

General Information Guide

Marketing Materials created for the Robson Valley Region.



The project was highly successful. Upon project completion, we completed a workshop with the RVR Steering Committee and reviewed existing resources to develop The Robson Valley Region Economic Development Marketing Program Marketing and Messaging Strategy (2020). This strategy has now been adopted by the Regional District and is moving into the implementation phase. In addition, we also developed a number of marketing materials that are being utilized by the Regional District as part of their strategy implementation efforts. These include a Regional Profile for RVR, Investment Specific Overviews, Opportunities Sheets for the 5 main sectors the RVR want to focus on, a Business Development Guide, as well as a RVR General Information Guide. All of these materials work together to serve the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George’s economic development efforts.

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