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bioLytical Laboratories

With a highly-publicized live media event promoting AIDS awareness and the Insti Kit 60 second test, Biolytical Laboratories needed a dynamic way to quickly reach their audience.



What We Delivered:

  • Vehicle Wrap
  • Microsite


  • Pamphlets

The Challenge:

KIMBO Design was presented with the task of not only branding the event itself, but also creating ways to present that brand online, in print, and in packaging, while adhering to the style restraints that multiple sponsors presented. There was also the rigorous challenge of branding the 52 foot long mobile testing unit.


The Strategy:

Development of a standard, yet fluid identity for the event presented itself as the best option. A look was created that lent itself easily to being modified for small media, such as pamphlets and packaging, large scale print for the sides of the trailer, and a Flash micro-site to showcase the event.




With a cohesive look, the event elements clearly communicated to the media and public alike. All attendance expectations were exceeded and critical response has been nothing but enthusiastic.

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