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Ministry of Citizens’ Services

Energy Smart is a report production project that we undertook with the Ministry of Citizens’ Services of B.C., in which KIMBO provided graphic design, data visualization, and document design & layout services. The document outlines the provincial government’s 5-year plan to invest in energy reduction and smarter buildings within the B.C. Government. This strategy sets the pathway for B.C. core government buildings and technology to meet triple bottom line objectives of energy conservation and related greenhouse gas reductions, enhanced occupant experience, and lifecycle return on investment, as the ministry work towards their long-term vision of net-zero energy use.


What We Delivered:

  • Document Design & Layout
  • Data Visualization
  • Print Management


  • Graphic Design
  • Infographics & Iconography Development
  • Proofing & Editing

The Challenge:

The Energy Smart Report project involved two main challenges. The first is that being a comprehensive implementation plan of the Ministry, this report needed to not only be accurate in terms of information presented, but must also be laid out with a narrative structure so that the reader can follow the 5-year strategy in a readable manner throughout the document. Secondly is that there was a lack of first-hand photographs available for us to incorporate into the report.


The Strategy:

This five-year timeline involves information about strategic investments in buildings and technology, engaging and collaborating with clients, and partnering with technology industry providers who provide innovative building solutions that use less energy. Ultimately, the Energy Smart report sets the Government of B.C. on a path to transform their current portfolio into a network of smart, energy efficient, and resilient buildings that provide more comfortable and cost-effective places to work. Being a text-heavy document intended for internal use and is part of the public record, the report required not only creative graphics and layout to increase readability, but also our utmost diligence during production to remain accurate in presenting the ministry’s strategy. As there was a lack of first-hand photographs available for us to incorporate into the report, we opted to integrate a wide range of infographics and stock photos, accompanied by accents of different colours within text to increase readability. These were all custom designed by our graphic designers, and we were careful to utilize only the range of colours that are in-line with the Ministry and B.C. Government’s brand-guidelines.



The KIMBO team worked diligently to ensure that the Ministry’s plan is presented with the utmost accuracy in a logical, easy to follow format. We determined that the most effective way to overcome the aforementioned challenges was for the comprehensive report be broken down into specific sections while maintaining overall narrative coherence. To ensure that the data and text-heavy document remains accessible and engaging to the average reader, we also employed a range of creative text-breaking solutions and made particularly heavy use of custom designed infographics in place of mundane data tables and stock graphs. The end product was the highly successful Energy Smart Report which met and exceeded all project expectations of the Ministry of Citizens’ Services.

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